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Need help.....converted EU RNS E is no upgrading

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Hi Guys.....I need some help!
I got the update files that floated around a while ago that already had all the changes done to them and created a CD and tried to update my C version RNS E that was already converted to US before.
The upgrade did not start. So I thought I increase the SOFIDX to 370 from 360 to see if that helps but again....the upgrade did not start.

System : x---
HW Indes: H54
Navver: V220060A
Boot: V220100D
Audiover: A2200109-160804

No idea about the SOFIDX that was used to upgrade the C version to US.
I have no idea on how to use the editor and make the necessary changes.
I thought the files I got were good to get the NAV updated but it does not start the update process.
If you can help me ( Vendors: I will buy a new US NAV DVD nfrom you just to get my RNS E updated) or I pay someone to help me get my RNS E updated.
I want to install Bluetooth but need my RNS E updated first.

Can you help?

Thanks a lot,

Located in the GTA, Ontario, Canada
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Are those versions you posted from your unit? If they are then your unit still thinks it's a Euro unit even though it may be running the US software. Do you have the original US 0110 files or only modified versions?
Those numbers are from my unit.
I bought this unit already upgraded to US software so I do not have the original update files.

My problems have been solved.
Thank you to two people.....Albert and Dirk.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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