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Just had my 1999 a6 up on a lift at a family friend's (retired master mechanic, man's a mech. genius). I have a leak up by the flex joints off the header pipes.

Prognosis: replace the whole thing, front to back.

The exhaust is original with the car, 103k miles. A couple years ago the car had a "band-aid" section welded in to fix the flex leak, so that's not an option again.

I trust the opinion, so I'm going to do this. I need to get a parts list, and a place to get the parts. The stock exhaust is nearly silent...I wouldn't mind a slight improvement in sound, but I do not want a loud exhaust. For me I want the car as a cruiser, not a showy sports racer. But 100% the point is to pass PA state inspection and function properly.

I believe I can get the family friend to help install the exhaust, but he indicated the header bolts would be a pain and a half to get at...

I appreciate any help I can get from you all.
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