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Need Advice Please

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Hi Guys,

Great Forum, need some advice if possible. I have just become the proud owner of an Nov.02 A4 Avant, it has the Concert sound system which is the basic one I think. I want to change it for a Nav unit but I am having difficulty when it comes to purchasing th correct one. I roughly know what I need: -

1. Nav Unit RNS-E or RNS-D 8E0 *** *** (Which Letter?)
2. New Aircon Control - Already Purchased at a bargain £41.00
3. Double Din Cradle
4. GPS Aerial
5. Plug & Play adapter

Firstly can anyone tell me which model is worth the money? I've been offered RNS-E for £600 with GPS & P&P. or RNS-D for £450 with GPS, P&P and Cradle. Also would there be a need for a new CAN Bus cable and new DIS unit?


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The only RNS-D you should be looking at is the 8E0 035 192B. 8E0 is the right one for your car, index A is for the Japanese market only - stay away from that. There is also an 8E0 035 192 (no index), not sure what the difference is compared to the B. Starting with index C you get the RNS-E, index D is fine too. In Europe stay away from index E and F (or get one and sell for more to the US :) ).

There are not that many RNS-D for the 8E/B6, it wasn't that popular. You will see many more 4B0 and 4D0 units but they won't fit right. Personally I would stay away from the RNS-D, unless you get a complete set with TMC and adapters. The RNS-E is much easier to retrofit as it has everything included in one box. And future updates make it even more interesting.

Can't help much on the double DIN conversion though.

Good luck...
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I have just become the proud owner of a Navi Plus system. I managed to buy the following: -

1 x Navi Plus
1 x 2003/4 Road Atlas Disc
1 x Adapter Lead
1 x GPS Aerial
1 x Double Din
1 x Aircon Unit
All for £500. I have also been given some other Audi discs which are ELSA Win Software? What I need to know is can I get a dvd player to fit in the space where a 6cd changer would fit & use a Nexxtel adapter to play DVD's / CD's / MP3's? The space looks like a single DIN size, if so I have seen incar dvd player with RCA outputs on ebay for 95 euro. Also if that is not possible which 6 cd player fits my Navi Plus No. 8E0 035 192B.


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