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hI People, I'm new in this forum and may be i will submit stupids questions but I need help to clarify exactly what I need to properly install that precious object wich is RNS-E. My car was equipped with old NAVIPLUS-CD and wiht BOSE-TELEVISION-CD CHANGER-TELEMATICS-TELEPHONE and trough the television I have plugged an harddisk. The preouts of Bose go to a KENWOOD KVT 925-DVD wich give me a spectacular 5.1 sound and reads DVD in all formats and has also a tuner tv. I have installed the RNS-E with a self-made adapter but it doesn't work properly the problems are: RNS-E doesn't receive IGNITION-LIGHT-SPEED SIGNAL - it doesn't drive me but it show the position in the map -after 30 minuetes of work it goes off. I imagine the problem is connection of Can-Bus incorrect and now the question. iS BETTER to buy an interface for Can or the same work is possible with a good adapter? Second question.... my original television has a cable wich can't plug in the RNS-E is it possible to find an adapter or i have to forget it with the connection of my HD?
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Your B6 already has can, you need to bypass the TMC unit and get to the infotainment can instead of the bosch can that your Navi-D uses.

Find the TMC and unplug it all, connect the two TMC antenna cables together. Tap into the canbus leads for the infotainment can at the TMC unit, they are usually orange with stripes (brown and violet) Connect them to your RNS-E and the cluster will work, so will ignition, lighting etc.

Easiest thing to do is jumper the pins on the TMC connector, from the grey can bus wires to the orange ones.

Make sure you get them the right way around. It wont work one wa, it will another.
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