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hI People, I'm new in this forum and may be i will submit stupids questions but I need help to clarify exactly what I need to properly install that precious object wich is RNS-E. My car was equipped with old NAVIPLUS-CD and wiht BOSE-TELEVISION-CD CHANGER-TELEMATICS-TELEPHONE and trough the television I have plugged an harddisk. The preouts of Bose go to a KENWOOD KVT 925-DVD wich give me a spectacular 5.1 sound and reads DVD in all formats and has also a tuner tv. I have installed the RNS-E with a self-made adapter but it doesn't work properly the problems are: RNS-E doesn't receive IGNITION-LIGHT-SPEED SIGNAL - it doesn't drive me but it show the position in the map -after 30 minuetes of work it goes off. I imagine the problem is connection of Can-Bus incorrect and now the question. iS BETTER to buy an interface for Can or the same work is possible with a good adapter? Second question.... my original television has a cable wich can't plug in the RNS-E is it possible to find an adapter or i have to forget it with the connection of my HD?
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unfortunately you will need the Dietz 1280 for TV-in-motion with the A3 or A4 RNS-E.. the speed signal is delivered via CAN, as you know if you disconnect the can-bus, illumination will not work and the unit will shut off after ~30mins.. the 1280 filters out the speed signal, but allow other necessary signals..

the RNS-E for a C5 A6 still uses speed signal over GALA so a simple switch can be used -- this is not an option for the A3 or A4..

also the volume level is not displayed on the RNS-E..
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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