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From a content perspective, 2006 was a very productive year in which we launched a number of new features and enhancements. Since our last earnings call, we debuted two exciting content offering, which were featured in our booth last month at the consumer electronic show. First, NAVTEQ Discovers Cities, which is a bundle of urban pedestrian content designed to give users of PNDs and mobile phones, instant access to rich, location-relevant detail. The product covers 10 of the largest US cities and includes restaurant reviews, Fodor's travel guide information, and useful information on city neighborhoods. And second, we announced NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns, which enables our customers to build intelligence into their routing algorithms by utilizing a historical database of actual traffic conditions.

Our customers will now be able to suggest routes based not just on the shortest distance and posted speed limits, but also on the estimated traffic flow for a particular day and time. Both Discover Cities and Traffic Patterns are premium content, for which we intend to charge incrementally. After a major five-year development effort, we implemented a completely new technology platform for map building and data delivery during the quarter. This platform should enable us to work more efficiently in the field, integrate new content more rapidly, and deliver fresh data more frequently to customers. The platform, which is based on Oracle and Sun Technology, was rolled out to our field and productions staff in Q4, and early results are promising.
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