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Here is the update file for the Audi Navigation plus system. Works only with the DX Version. Some of the new functions are:

-50m Zoom
-destination possible with GPS Data

Here are some pictures of the new function:

Here is the link for the update file:

Extract the files with Winzip to your harddrive. The files has 2.3MB compressed and 131MB uncompressed. Burn it e.g. with Nero.
Iso image, disc at once, no multisession and not faster than 24x
eject the navigation CD and turn the system off
wait 10 seconds
press the button Navigation and the button on the top of the right side (beside where you put in the navigation CD)
insert the update cd
start the update with the option start unit

We take no response for any failure. Never turn off the unit during the update. Never put in the naviagtion cd if update is canceled, don´t worry you can start the update procedure as often you want.

Have fun!


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Re: update did not work

reneadam said:
I updated my Nav Plus ising the link given and now it never gets past "Navigation System is activating". Any thoughts???
I updated the software to the Nov 2001 version using the following link I got a similar problem, eventually after turning it on and off a few times, ejecting and reinserting the map CD it seemed to sort itself out.

I have noticed though it seems to be a bit more flakey than the earlier version. i.e. If I press a few buttons while on the navigation screen I can get it to lock up with the egg timer on screen, but then I havn't read the user manual yet :lol:

One other thing, after doing the first part of the install it didn't reboot iteself so I powered it on manually to complete the update. Tried a few times but no joy, thought sh*t! its bust it. Turned out when you power it on you have to hold down the Navigation button and the flag button again.

Good luck!!!

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You're correct - after turning it on and off a few times, it finally started to work.

But, my version was May, 2002 before, and now it is Nov, 2001 - does anyone know if that is bad??? Also, it still has not fixed my "real" problem, and that is I continue to get the message that I am not on a "digitized street" and do not get street names on my display.
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