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NAV Volume changes to lowest setting.

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I just installed the RNS-E, and everything seems to be working, except the NAV volume.

When I set the volume, it works for the duration of the time I'm in the car. But, after parking, and then getting back to the car, the NAV volume defaults to its lowest setting. I can re-set it, and again, it will remain at the new setting until I park.

Any suggestions?

TIA for your help.
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Never seen this before. You can try to reset the unit (press RADIO or FM/AM and SETUP until it reboots), this has solved a couple of wired issues in the past.
Thanks, that did the trick.

I re-set the unit, per your instructions, and the issue went away.

I've been in and out of the car four times, and the volume level has remained the same.

Thanks again!
good to hear, enjoy your RNS-E!

It struck again, but going the other way.

Well, it happened again, but this time it went up by 50%. Darn lady was yelling at me pretty good.

I can't say i changed anything, but I'll reset the unit if it happens again.

My B5 S4, had several of the reported phantom bass, treble, mid changes.
Happend again, this time while driving on a trip.

I thouhgt the car was getting to loud, but as we drove, and with NAV engaged, it went to the lowest setting.

170 mile drive.

I'l re-set it again, but I'm still wondering if anyone else has had the issue.
This doesn't sound like it's your problem, but just FYI: If you're listening to the radio/CD/whatever and using the navigation at the same time, if you change the volume when the nav lady is speaking, it adjusts the navigation volume... not the radio/CD/whatever volume.
Check the volume settings for DSP or GALA. Maybe it is set to it's lowest setting. Not sure. Worth a look.
TeddyBGame said:
Check the volume settings for DSP or GALA. Maybe it is set to it's lowest setting. Not sure. Worth a look.
I'll check but I have Bose, and Gala toggled off (code 255).

Thanks though.
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