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Nav installed but get this.....

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Finished the install a little while ago and I'm amazed how easy it was. I have an 04 S4 with factory installed XM radio. The RNS-E unit I purchased is a EU unit that has been upgraded to US firmware. We plugged it up, turned it on and the first thing to come on was XM radio. My understanding was that you needed to buy a different XM receiver to get satellite radio. Go figure... I no longer am a subscriber so we just heard all the promo stuff and the preview, but it works!

But when coding the car, we ran into a snag. We couldn't get the cluster display to show nav. The cluster was set to 19, so we set it to 23. No dice. Set it to 05, nothing. We took it for a spin with a route guidance active and still nothing, either time. Any answers?

I did do one thing not recommended. In coding, since my system was Bose, we coded it for Bose at "0xx9xxx: Sound characteristics". But the sound was noticeably (by me, at least) worse. I know everyone says it gets better, but I have a few thousand dollars worth of aftermarket speakers and amps in my car, so I could tell that the Bose EQ settings had kicked in and changed things. It sounded like a slightly cleaner Bose system. So we went back in and used "1" for - 'Audi A4 (> 2004)'. That fixed it. It sounds great now, like it did before.

Thanks guys for your help. You made it a cake. Now if I could only get the cluster to show my nav....
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What you got regarding XM is normal. Your unit will play the audio of the last selected channel and says Initializing. After a while it tells you that your dealer can plug a receiver in to get you XM or Sirius. The same would happen with no sat receiver being installed, maybe just quicker.

With a 2nd generation sat receiver you get the preview channel 1 and can change to channel 0 which tells you your sat receiver's serial number, the one you need to register. After registering and about 20-40 minutes you see the other channels becoming available.

Your cluster coding of 19 is 16+1+2 which translates to radio+telefon. Maybe you had OnStar which is some kind of phone kit but it doesn't really matter. There where reports that it sometimes takes a while to initialize the system. It could very well be that you need to keep it locked over night to shut all systems down. But 23 is about right, or 21 if you don't have OnStar or a phone kit.

If you don't use the Bose amp/EQ powering your speakers I can see why the Bose settings didn't work to well. At least you found a setting which works for you.

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You're right. It wouldn't let me change the channel to see the serial number. And you're also right about the On-Star in my car. Right now we left it set at 05. I'll see if anything changes today. If no, we'll go back and try 23 again.

Thank you for your help and for this forum. This would be much more difficult and expensive without you guys.
Cluster now works after sitting overnight. :D
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