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Roch_Ultrasport said:

Why would he need any adapters if he already has a B7?

Shouldn't he just be able to do a straight swap with the exisiting Audi Stereo.

That is to say the wiring harness in a B7 A4 should work with either the Audi installed Stereo or the RNS-E.

If you can order it as an option (probaly port installed) then everything you need ought to be in the car to install it.

I have a B6 A4 but I had a B7 I would look into it before buying things you may not need.
The RNS-E doesn't have the same connectors as any Audi radio (Symphony, Chorus, ...) - so you need plug & play adapters to convert the connectors fitted to the car wiring to the connectors fitted to the RNS-E. Even the antenna connectors are different.

It's an OPTION (and NOT a port option) -they build the car differently on the production line if you order the RNS-E option.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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