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My experience with Kufatec (

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Hello people!,
first of all I want to write this just to let you know what my experience was with Kufatec ( I hope it's not the way they usually work otherwise I would suggest them to check their customer satisfaction index and take immediate action..

All began on June 6 2005, when I decided to order via their website all the adapters I needed in order to install my new RNS-E on my A4 Cabrio. The order showed the possibility of having a cash-on-delivery service. I ordered everything.

After three days (system was showing a "Processing" status since June 07) I started asking some info to their customer service, using both general info email and direct addresses.. Finally after some days and a telephone call I discovered they are NOT offering COD payment for Italy (where I live) but to Germany only. So I had to send a bank money transfer.. losing some extra days. Remember that for your orders!!

After one week, I had to call them again: they confirmed to me the receipt of the funds and a shipment number. I kept on waiting for delivery of the parcel...

After some days, I had tried to trace the shipment on web and locally.. I had to send another email to them: I discovered the shipment number was changed and nobody told me anything.

Finally, the shipment came to Italy (into a used 24 hamburgers cartoon box!) but without any kind of installation instructions.

What else to say? A very bad customer service and a virtually absent customer support. The only good thing? The cables look good and are working fine.. at the end.
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i'll have to question their billing as well...

got charged 12Euro for shipping while the "stamp" on the packaging clearly states 4Euro... i had selected the 4Euro shipping option when i ordered, but it defaulted to 12Euro... i thought "oh well" at the time, but looking at the packaging now and seeing it only cost them 4Euro... that's a nice profit for them right there... :roll:

i'm also kind of wondering why i had to pay taxes... but i'm more sort of okay w/ the taxes than i'm w/ shipping, which i also had to pay taxes on... weird???

however i do have to agree and say that their cables are top notch...
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Well at least you two got your stuff.

If got the bill within a few minutes,
payed within a few hours after i got the bill
and now it had been in "processing" mode for 2 weeks.
No phone response, no email response.
How long does it take to receive stuff from these guys? I have been waiting 2 weeks now. Its just a simple aerial adapter. If I'd known I would have used connex.

I have sent an email 4 days ago, but no reply.

If he is that busy, why does he still find time to advertise on ebay?

Am I the only one?
No, I am also waiting. Will see what happens...
But i dont pay in advance, I pay by bill.
I've made payment 9 days ago via paypal and still not received the goods. Hopefully something will arrive soon, but I did expect a faster response.
I paid 25/11.... I choosed the more expensive and more fast shipment DHL...18 euro...
I wait for next weak and I'll stop we can start jocking as they do....
Never more from Kufatec....
I just wonder if this is problem on Kufatec or DHL side. I had bad experience with DHL international shipping in general. No tracking, bad service, 2 months shipping for 9lbs package.

Well US version of DHL is nothing else just AirbornExpress. I would suggest FedEx...way better
The problem is that most suppliers don't let you specify which carrier to use.

In the UK there is a carrier called CityLink who, IMHO, are total rubbish (if a delivery fails - because you are at work - they automatically retry the next day, so you can't collect your parcel from their office until the second day. So with them "Next Day" is automatically "Third Day").

We also have a carrier called DHL - who have taken to throwing our parcels over our 6ft fence if we're not home! Their "Customer Service" (joke!) have done nothing to prevent this happening.

I've tried asking suppliers (including Amazon who use DHL) to use a different carrier, but because of the special deals they have negotiated we just have to suffer rubbish service. Since WE are the end customer I find that unacceptable.

End of rant!!!
I think...I paid for DHL Experss Service...but Kufatec ship to me trought normal postal service...very slowly...

So...I made present to Kufatec...
However as I said...I wait for next weak..if I don't receive anything I'll close'll see...
Here in the states, DHL bought Airborne Express, who was also a bottom notch company. I call DHL, D... Head Liars. An overnight package once took a week and a half. On more than one occasion, the driver has marked that we weren't home, when we in fact waited all day at home for the package.

If I have a choice of two companies to deal with, and one of them uses DHL, I use the other one, even if it costs a bit more. Be glad when they use regular post instead of DHL. It probably means that you're more likely to get the package.

I bought an RNS-E adaptor, SMB-FAKRA adaptor and a aerial adaptor from them. After 7 days and about 12 emails, and no contact, I finally told them I had approached PayPal for a refund.

I then got back:

When we have the money we want send your parts.
Please wait a little moment.
Which was nice, considering I paid when I placed the order. When I told them that, I got:

please wait a moment we have here many many work!

have a nice weekend...
Well - I'd be having a nicer weekend if I was installing my RNS-E!!

They now tell me the parts will ship on Mon or Tues - I have no idea how long it takes to get from Germany to the UK but we will see....!

From my personal experience, I would advise people wanting to fit their new kit (lets face it - as blokes we want the new kit in the car to play with the minute it arrives, right?!) to avoid Kufatec and use someone like Euro-Parts.
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Still waiting....! :roll:

They promise they will send out my stuff tomorrow!

We'll see! :lol:
:D OK - Its all now arrived.

Thats a total of 3 weeks from order to receipt. And, even now, my order still shows "processing"!! I am a software programmer by profession and even my code isn't that bad!!

Anyhow - I'm off to install my RNS-E \:D/
I'm currently part way through a 'bad experience' with Kufatec..

I ordered a new RNS-E harness and bluetooth harness just over a month ago (35 days ago) and am still yet to receive them. They tell me they sent out my order just over a week after I placed it, but they only had one shipping option on their website but from what Deutsche Post tell me the package has been sent sea-mail and I should expect to receive it early November…

IMO this is absolutely terrible service.. I’ve recently sent them an email and hopefully they will make it good by sending some new cables express air..
I orderd some parts from them on July 10th...and they just arrived on August 25th. Apparently, they were shipped to the wrong address in Germany (weird...I'm in boston).

I even paid with paypal and confirmed all of my address info.

The best that you can do is to keep emailing them and they will respond.

Also, keep in mind that most of Germany takes the month of August off for things can be delayed.

Good luck!
I had a surprisingly good experience... Ordered on August 24th and package was shipped on Sept 1 via FedEx. Due to Labor Day holiday over here, the package was delivered on Wedneday, Sept 6.
My deliveries from them vary from 1 week to 6 weeks depending on what I order. I do have to chase them sometimes.
I also had an interesting experience with Kufatec. I ordered just the cableset for the nav install on my c6 A6. The price was great $150 vs. $300 from ebay and I wanted it quick so I chose the fedex option. I paid 49 euro for fedex shipping. I sent in my order on August 18 with payment via Paypal. They shipped it on the 23rd and I received it on the 28th. Not too bad but I would have thought that they would have shipped it faster. But I received the parts, I am not unhappy with them, I just wish that they would have communicated with me better.
The products from Kufatec have been good, their key issue is customer service which is desperately lacking. I advise that if you need to purchase something they have, be prepared for a long wait and don't expect service that you would recieve elsewhere. I wouldn't advise express shipping as I paid for basic service and received the product in about two weeks (shipped to Canada). I don't know if a couple days quicker would warrant their exorbitant fees.
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