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my dog won't hunt

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My Nav Plus worked properly from the moment I first turned it on. Recently had the unit out of the car to work on XM install problem. Had it temporarily back in the car but did not hook up GPS antenna. Don't know if that was significant, but now the unit says it is calculating the route but never strrts guidance. Compass is way off also and no street names show.
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Sounds like the GPS antenna connector isn't fully home. Pull it out and re-insert it, checking it's fully home.
The map does show, although it does not orient properly, and it does change with my location, although not very acurately. And when I press 'INFO' button I am told I am "not on a digitized road" ,even when I am on the Interstate. I am told the route has been calculated, but no miles to destination appear and no guidance is given.

Are those things consistant with an antenna that is not connected ? There is a keeper that rotates into place over the antenna connection and is it possible for the keeper to be over the plug but the plug not to be in all the way?
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