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My cost for interface box

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I priced out my cost over here in Germany on the Bluetooth Telephone module.

My cost is for the Interfacebox is:
199.35 euro or $250 US dollars. 8P0 862 335 (B,C,D)

My cost for the Microphone is:
62.91 euro or $79 US dollars 8L1 862 373 A

My cost for the Antenna (Avant) is:
30.78 euro or $39 US dollars 8E9 035 503 F

If anybody wants one I will only charge the actual cost plus shipping (USPS priority mail) and 5 dollars for the trouble of going to the dealership.

If you guys need any prices on any other parts that are related to Navigation only, feel free to PM me.

My discount is 30% of of retail on these items.
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that would be really interesting

the antena your talking about, which one is it? the roof antena, or the bluetooth antena to communicate with the phone?
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