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My China made A4

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I have a China made 2004 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro (yes, I said China made). Actually many of the Audi's made in China are assembled with imported Audi parts. The dealer told me my Audi has 99% imported parst. Basically, I live in China and bought the Audi since it is considered a domestically made car and therefore didn't have to pay a large import tax (roughly 150%) for a good car.

Ok, here's the thing. I have a factory installed RNS-E but not sure which version I have (US or Europe). I suspect Europe. Is there a way I can tell by the serial number on the unit? The other thing is, I currently have an OEM Audi 6-CD changer in the glove box but want to change it to a DVD changer so that I can watch movies, etc. From reading some of the forums here I understand that in addition to a DVD player u need to purchase various adapters to connect to the RNS-E with the DVD player and another adapter for car-in-motion playing. The Audi dealer suggested that I buy an Audi OEM DVD player that is made for the new A8's. Does anyone know if that works and if so does that mean I still need to buy an adapter to connect the 2 units.

To be more clear on my current set-up, I have:
RNS-E with DVD ROM and 2-slot SD card reader
6-CD changer in glove box
Bose system
The navigation doesn't work since Audi hasn't made DVD maps for China. Don't know why that is since all other car brands here have them available except for the German car brands.

Hope to here from someone. Thanks.
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I'm pretty sure that the OEM A8 DVD player is just a DVD player with a chinch video/audio out, which connectes to the OEM TV tuner. That may work but is likely overprized. If it doesn't require the OEM TV tuner than it might be a MOST connected device which will not work with the A3/A4 RNS-E.

Troy's Dietz install should get you started:
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