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MY 2004/2005 XM/Sirius Sat Receiver

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Is there someone here who has access to a 2005 ETKA and could check if the XM or Siruis OEM receiver is the same part number for the B6 A4 and B7 A4 or if the OEM sat receiver has changed for the MY 2004/2005 Allroad? Confirmation would help to determine whether or not the 2004 XM receiver will work with US RNS-E units.

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For 2004 XM module part# is 8E0-057-593-A
Looks like newer Audis have the same units....but I found something interesting. I checked Part numbers on Clairparts site and I found a note:



If I'm correct, dealer have to make some updates to NAV+ to make it work with XM or Sirius ;)
Does this mean there is a newer software version for the US unit? Nerwer than 0020?
I don't have a clue but looks like dealer need to update something to make it work :shock:
Thinking about that, the US A3/A4 always come with XM/Sirius and the glovebox CD-changer. If XM is connected to the cd-changer port on the RNS-E, where is the cd-changer connected to? Is there a blackbox somewhere which does the audio switching? And could that be the reason why the XM receiver can't get controller by the RNS-E?

Anybody out here who has access to a US A4 B7 wire plan who could check if there is any other device involved?
I have the wiring diagram from the B6 Bentley manual at home. I'll try to post it up here tonight.
How about 32 pin AMP connector?


Do you think that it's for RGB signals only? There is plenty of unused pins so maybe XM is connected over there #-o
racervw said:
I have the wiring diagram from the B6 Bentley manual at home. I'll try to post it up here tonight.
I have the 2004 A4 Bentley CD too but it doesn't cover the RNS-E. I think the 2005 A4 Bentley CD gets released in July, if you order one now you get a Web suscribtion and the CD delivered later...
I know but, there is one page somewhere (not with the wiring diagrams) that shows the SAT tuner with the CD changer. I don't think it shows the pin locations but, it does show the rest.
From what I understand, the OEM XM/Sirius tuner uses the CAN bus to change channels etc. It also uses audio inputs from the CD changer harness/connector area.

See link to Lee's OEM Sat upgrade on his 2001 A6...there is a pdf doc to access:

I would be surprised if the part# for these OEM XM/Sirius receivers are for different hardware. If they probably has to do with the fact that an B6/B7 A4/S4 and a C5 A6/S6/RS6/allroad require a slightly different mounting point etc in the trunk. Similar to the various audi part# for the TMC/CAN gateway for the CD-based Nav.

Just a theory.

Good luck!
The sat receiver might be the same but how does Audi connect both, the sat receiver and the CD-changer in the new a4 B7 or A3 8P? Since there is only one CDC Audio in, the must be a device somewhere which allows to connect both. However, that doesn't explain why the sat receiver is not responding when getting connected to the RNS-E (US model). Just thinking loud...
again..thinking out loud:

It's possible that the RNS-E (R = US version) is only capable of supporting either the OEM CD changer...or the OEM XM/Sirius module....but not both.

However, the C6 A6 (2005+) can support a glovebox CD changer and the OEM XM/Sirius. And thats a similar MMI setup...but based on the MOST network.

Not sure.

Talking about the US version 8E0 035 192E and 4B0 035 192R only, at least the 8E0 is available in the A4 B7 with XM/Sirius and CDC. So there is support for both. The 192E devices I have heard of so far always had software version 0020 (the one wich is on the 2004 navigation DVD) but PROXUS mentioned something about a software update required to support sat receivers.

The A6 C6 is not using the RNS-E and it's MMI system is using different hard- and software, so that's a complete different discussion.
I just found out wierd thing...

when I select XM radio from menu, there is message on the DIS.
It says:

Initializing SDARS

then after a few seconds it says:

No SDARS found

From my understanding SDARS is a short version of Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service so it's not really cable problem. I guess if I would reset my XM box somehow, I could detect this damn box :D

Also there is pretty possible that XM ID is generated based on RADIO part #.
In that case I would need to reset XM and type the code again ;)
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