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2014 A5 Premium Plus Cabriolet Quattro 2.0T
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?? There is an MPG value right in your photo. Maybe you mean, how do you reset it to start averaging over again? Again, it's right in the photo - push "OK". My car is an A5 and is 5 years older, but its basic logic is the same as my 1985 VW Jetta GLI so I bet our cars share similarities. The "long-term memory" is exactly what it says it is, an average MPG for all the driving you did since it last was reset. Your display is saying that over 12823 miles you averaged 18.1 mi/gal so you must have burned 708.5 gallons in that time and distance. Your average speed for that whole time (except when parked) was 12823 miles divided by 547.117 hours. (remember 7 minutes = 0.117 hours) In my car, I can switch the display between showing long-term and short-term averages by poking a rocker switch on the end of the windshield wiper stalk. Short-term memory in my car is wiped out to zero when I park for more than 2 hours - so on a marathon trip it can still give results for a distance of hundreds of miles. There's another button you can push, to zero either long or short term as often as you like - in my car it's a push button on the underneath side of the wiper stalk. I don't know about Q7 buttons.
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