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This is my first post on this forum and english isn't my native tounge, so bear with me :oops:

I've been doing a lot of reading on your forum but I can't seem to find someone who have ended up in same situation as me.

Just bought a Audi Navi (8E0 035 192 B9) for my Audi A4 2003 mod. (B6 chassis).

Originally I have a Audi Concert (combined radio and cd player.) and the airconditioner in the center console.

Looks like this:

Clearly I have to get rid of the Audi concert to make room for the navi and move the aircondition down to the bottom.

But after removal, I discovered that the shelf system is in one whole part and there is no way I can re-arrange the shelfs. So, I don't have any room for my Navi! :shock:

So, im wondering if there is a original console shelf I need to buy, or is there some way of using the current setup (by modifying etc)

Any help appreciated! :wink:

Oystein, Norway.
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