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Mobilephone, carckit and bluetooth! advice; what to buy!

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Hey guys,

I've reached the most complicated part of the RNS-E compatible components. Yes, it's the phone drama! :(

Before I make the same mistakes as other did, i decided to take some usefull advices from you. So my question is:

What is the most suitable mobilephone components that I can connect to my RNS-E (EU version)? Which carkit do I have to use....?
For your information; I have no mobile interface connected to the RNS-E and no carkit. My phone make is: Samsung SGH-E720 with Bluetooth functionality.

Thank you guys for supporting me.
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U can try Nokia or SE ones.

The rest u need is to buy the interface mic antena and the Cable.

That's it!

Lucky u
Check here for mibile phones that we know are supported by the BT kit.
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