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I have just bought a A6 limo (10/2004) :D (what a great driving machine) I have some questions to upgrading the MMI software and the Navigation (MMI high) and have been cruising this site to find some info.

First the facts
SW: 4F0910729q
SW 0500
SW date 25.03.04
HW 4e 00 35 729
HW H43

Hope these make sense to somebody - I belive I have a old map and "the" oldest mmi software (0500) ?

What kind of benefits will I get from upgrading the MMI software ?

Apart from updated navi info (roads - house numbers etc) is there any change to the functionality of the navi-system gained from upgrading ?

Checked with the Audi dealer - the do not know anything execpt that the MMI upgrade is a rip-off (250€) and the new 2007 map is another rip-off (400€).

Is the MMI update something you can perform yourselves ? If yes where can you find the software ?

Also looking into BT kit - thats another 1200€ - sigh - any suggestions for a different vendor to connect Nokia's

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