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Missing wires?

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Great forum - been a wealth of information - congrats.

No hopefully someone can help me out - I'm installing an RNSE into an A4 B7, and have adapter cables from Ralf Deventer.

Only problem is when I'm installing the Dension ICELINK, I find that I'm missing wires from the RNSE to the red stacker plug ](*,)

I have the pin out information form this site, but can anyone tell me what needs to go into the red plug? currently I have pins 1,2,3,6,7,12 connected in the loom. I assume most go to plug "B" the blue one.

Oh, BTW has anyone managed to erase the OS on the units so to backwardly load an older version of software (not by modding the files, but by a full erase).

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On another note - it seems that the wires needed by the ICElink (CD plug) are wires 13 through to 20 (or at least it has 8 wires inserted in there!)
You need the same connections as a CD changer:

Connector B (blue) Signal Connector I (red)

8 Left Audio 19
9 Right Audio 20
2 Signal Earth 18
12 CD Clock 15
11 CD Data In 13
6 CD Data Out 14
4 Permanent +12V 16
10 Switched +12V 17
Ground 10
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Thanks Dave, thats exactly what we need!
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