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i have an EU unit HW44/SW0100 and a modified US DVD..

in southern california i have been able to see all the little streets in my area, but i zoomed in on my home town in rural Pennsylvania -- the street names where there, but not the actual streets..

i guess the small roads in rural PA are a different catergory than the roads i have found in CA.. i will look around some of the mountain and desert areas in CA to see if the actual streets are displayed..

crap, it looks like this issue still exists (missing streets issue, street names, but no street line)..

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i test it some more last night and found in the small streets in mountains (mammoth lakes, ca) were also missing.. the street names were there, but not the streets..

again i have updated to SW 0100..

looks like we have more work to do..

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cross post from AudiNav yahoo group..

Subject: RNS-E Missing Streets Issue Explained

Since I happen to own both the US and European versions of the RNS-E,
I can shed a little light on the "Missing Streets" issue.

Here are the differences between the US and European color schemes:

Road Type | US Version | EU Version
Limited Access Divided Highway (free) | Purple/Red | Yellow/Red
Limited Access Divided Highway (toll) | Yellow/Red | Yellow/Red
US, State, or Major 2-lane Highway | Red | Yellow
County Road, Major Street | Yellow | White/Gray
Mid-size Street or Road | White/Gray | Gray
Side Street | Gray | Gray?
IPD Road (In Progress Data) | Lt. Gray | Invisible

The red roads don't appear on my EU unit, and that throws off all of
the other roads by one "level." I'm not positive about the dark gray
roads. I don't have any of them nearby.

This is interesting:

The IPD Roads are the ones that are invisible. According to the US
manual, "IPD means 'in-progress-data', i.e. data collection is
incomplete and consequently they cannot be included for route

The US version will NOT use these roads for routing, even if they are
at the endpoint of a route. When you get to a gray road, the nav
system says "You have arrived in the vicinity of your destination."
When you are driving on an IPD road, the DIS shows "IPD:ELM ST", for
example, and shows you an arrow as if you were off road.

The EU version does not display the IPD roads. They are invisible.
However, the EU version DOES use these roads for routing, if they
are at the beginning or the end of your route. They become visible
when the blue route is drawn on them. Weird.

So obviously the routing data is there, but the US version doesn't
use it. This is very disappointing. I had hoped paying a $1000+
premium and waiting 2 months would have finally fixed the problem.

Can any of our European friends comment on this? Did the European RNS-
E display IPD roads prior to the 0100 firmware release?


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i just wanted to add that toll road 73 in southern california is missing as well..

though as audia4b6us described, when nav'ing on the invisible toll road in front of you is highlighted blue and behind you is invisible..

i think it is safe to say all toll roads will not be displayed..

anyone working on a fix??.. i am happy to offer resources, but i dont have the faintest clue how to go about doing it myself..

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great to hear you found an "E".. anxious to hear about confirmed differences..

that would be awesome some of the bugs were fixed..

good luck.. be sure to report what you learn..
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