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Checked my harness towards NSXJR's brilliant PDF for my A4 RNS-E and found the following errors:

1.RNS-E pin B4 (UR14R-2) has no connection at all in my harness. It should go to connector 1 pin 16 but that one is occupied by a cable running to D15 on the RNS-E (KL.30, together with a wire running from connector 3, pin 7, which is correct).

2. RNS-E pin D11 (tel mute) also has no connection in my harness. It should run to connector 4 pin 1 but that one is occupied by RNS-E D14, DWA-GND, together with a wire from connector 3, pin 2, which is correct.

It´s all working just fine the way it is and my question is simply; Will/could this cause any problems in the future, especially if I expand my system by adding BT to it?
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