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Hi all
i'm going crazy trying to fix a microphone issue on my A3 8V.
Some years ago i bought a retrofit of the MIB HIGH, so a main unit, containing the BT module. The Mic is directly connected to the Main unit to pin 1 & 7.
Last summer during a roof repair, the mic cable was broken. Fixing it was obviously not the solution because it is not working anymore: Voice control and Telephone features are working but without any input from microphone.
i tried to change both the microphone and the wiring, but the result is always the same. i've noticed the on pin 1 & 7 on the Main Unit there is no voltage, as if the mic function was disabled.
Looking with vag-com, everything seems to be ok, but somewhere the issue must be!

Any idea?
Any help would be very apreciated
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