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Manual for BT unit (Temic)

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I wonder if there is a separate manual for the Temic BT interface.

Does anyone have this unit (Bluetooth handy Vorbereitung part no 8P0 862 335 C ) factory installed and a Manual with it, or do you have to manage with the phone part in the RNS-E manual?

I just want to know what functionalities this unit offer.
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This is what Audi promises you can do whith a Treo 650, can someon maybe confirm you can do all of this with another BT phone as well?

With the Treo 650 smartphone, Audi drivers can take advantage of the Treo 650's advanced calling features without ever touching the smartphone. After initiating Bluetooth communications between the Treo 650 and the car, drivers can use the steering-wheel controls, MMI controls on the dashboard, or the optional voice recognition to do the following:

* Pick up or ignore incoming calls;
* Dial outgoing calls;
* View active call status, including caller ID;
* View the Treo 650's call history;
* Dial from Treo 650 favorites, speed dials, or call logs;
* Access Treo 650 voicemail;
* Manage multiple incoming calls; and
* View carrier information, including signal strength and roaming status.

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How valid is this for the RNS-E, as what they show there is an A6 with MMI.
craigyb said:
How valid is this for the RNS-E, as what they show there is an A6 with MMI.
The website Is a bit unclear about this. It mentiones on the page that bluetooth is optional for the A4 but does not say that this also means that al of the functionality is available.

The german audi website however ( ) claims almost the same functionality for all bluetooth enabled cars regardless being MMI or RNS-E. Only speech recognition is unavailable on cabriolet and roadstar.

Bei den von Audi empfohlenen und freigegebenen Bluetooth-Mobiltelefonen können folgende Funktionen auch über die Bluetooth-Verbindung vom Fahrzeug aus genutzt werden:

Wählen von Nummern aus dem Telefonbuch der SIM-Karte über das optionale Multifunktions-Lederlenkrad.

Wählen von Nummern durch direkte Eingabe über Sprachdialog (bei Audi A4 Cabriolet und Audi TT Roadster nicht verfügbar).

Wählen von Nummern per Sprachwahl (gespeicherte sprecherabhängige Namen; bei Audi A4 Cabriolet und Audi TT Roadster nicht verfügbar).

Anzeige von Feldstärke und Namen des Netzanbieters (nicht bei allen Telefonen verfügbar) im optionalen „Navigationssystem plus“.

Sobald das Telefon mit dem Fahrzeug gekoppelt ist, wird das auf der SIM-Karte gespeicherte Telefonbuch (maximal 255 Einträge, je nach Kapazität der SIM-Karte) ins Fahrzeugsystem übertragen.
As said I cannot see any of this in the RNS-E manual.

By the way: I've visited the IAA in Frankfurth last sunday and also been to the Aisin stand. The A6 and A8 MMI systems were displayed on this stand and not displayed on the Harman/Becker stand. I have been reading everywhere that the A6 and A8 MMI models are supposed to be Becker DVD systems but unless Aising has a habit of showing competitors equipment this cannot be correct.
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