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Looking for info 2023 q3

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I own a BMW 2021 going on mgmt third set of tires because they are never flat. Does Audi use never flat? Al’s need to put in high test gas does Audi use regular gas. Brake dust drives me crazy even with ceramic brake pads does Audi have this proble. Does Audi have live dashboard ie navigation right in the speedometer! Thank you
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I have a 2015 A6 3.0T Quattro that I use 87 octane in even thought the fuel cap says 93 only. This is not the first Audi that I have had and each one says 93 octane on the fuel door. But if you look in the owner's manual it states that the car can use 87 octane at a reduced performance. The car runs fine on 87 octane and has plenty of power. So I don't know what performance is reduced.
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