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Looking for IceLink connector

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Anybody having any idea where I could get this connector/plug and its pins from?

It's the connector going into the IceLink Plus on the head unit side. There is no label or number or anything on this plug but maybe someone has seen it before on another device?

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Now that the icelink (US version) has been firmware updated (according to Dension) to be compatible with RNS-E, is it simple enough that you can just plug icelink into the red pin connector of the harness?
You can, but only if you don't have the SAT receiver or CD changer. If you do then there are already wires in some of those pins. I was planning to create a new harness which has the three audio wires going ot the SAT receiver and the other wires going to the red 20pin plug behind thehead unit. Also, if you order the RNS-E compatible Icelink you may not get a plug which goes into the 20pin connector. I ordered mine from Europe but it came with the 12pin plug usually used for the CD changer in the RNS-E Quadlock.
Just in case someone is looking for this plug, here is what I got and what fits the IceLink perfectly:

Plug: AMP Universal Micro MATE-N-LOK 3mm Connectors
Pins: AMP Universal Micro MATE-N-LOK 3mm Connectors SOCKET 20-24 AWG
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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