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LHD/RHD adaptation

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I noticed that my RNS-E was incorrectly coded with RHD EU setting (2632 at channel 136). Since I had my vag-com at hand, I decided to change that.

Tried at first to set it directly to 3226 - LHD EU. But for some strange reason vag-com wouldn't let me do that. The save button remained inactive after pressing test. Strange.

Next I tried to set it to 5 - LHD US. This vag-com allowed, and I decided to save the setting.

Trying to figure out why it wouldn't let me set it to 3226, I tried to set it back to 2632. But again, vag-com wouldn't let me do that. Very strange.

So, now I have it set at 5. Everything seems to work properly, so I'm wondering if anyone knows what the difference between the US and EU settings are? Also, if you have any ideas as to why vag-com refuses to set the EU codes, please let me know. I am using vag-com 504.1 with HEX-COM cable.
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Strange. I used VAG-Com 504.1 with the HEX-COM cable to code my RNS-E to EU RHD (2632) - it was set to US LHD (5) when I got it.
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