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Let's move on to the next step: Color DIS

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I just saw a question on AudiWorld about the color DIS. Since retrofitting the RNS-E is no problem anymore and thanks to Proxus the XM question got answered too, the next logical step would be to get the color FIS. One reason is because the red FIS sometimes doesn't display street names properly. The other reason because it looks really nice.

On there are once in a while clusters with color FIS. But they are always with km/h instead of miles/h and they are in most cases missing the PIN to get it coded.

I tried to get an answer on the German boards but they always talk about replacing the whole cluster and recoding, but never about replacing only the little LCD in the middle.

Anybody here who played with this mod and tried to upgrade to the color DIS? Or is the only way to pay $700-800 and get a new one from a dealer?
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Ok Now I'm intersted in the last picture. Where is that controller located and what model and year is it from?
I believe you either need the code or a very good dealer and the VIN to match the cluster up with the car.

Is the part number LX? I couldn't find an L. I assume it's the 170mph.

GTi 1.8Turbo said:
I have a UK S4 cluster with less than 50miles if anyone intrested...
8E0 920 980 L
Tony is there a letter after that number? All the 930 parts I have looked at are KPH and there isn't one with out a letter after the number.

Sorry just checked. The X means it's an exchange part meaning you can get a reduction on the new part. There is no L listed in ETKA. I guess you just have to know to look for LX.

I guess the original question of this post still stands. Has anyone tried switching the colour display for the standard. If the clusters can be pulled apart could the display itself be swapped?

I'd be willing to ty if somone would sell me one cheap enough.

I do have a few items worth trading if anyone is looking to barter their cluster to a good cause.

Oh my, wish I spoke (well read) german. I have way to many small projects on the go right now but I should be wrapping up soon. I ordered the Audi bumper antenna for my handsfree/bluetooth install. Once thats all done on to this one if there is any encouraging news.

Well it wouldn't be so bad if you can just swap the screen... I promise to try this. I would however appreciate a donation of an old B5 cluster if someone has one they aren't using. I know a few people have swapped theirs out do to failing pixels. If someone has one they didn't throw out contact me. I'm willing to pay shipping and a small fee for what would otherwise collect dust. But at least I can see if putting in a color screen is at least a possibility.

I'll of course have to get a color gauge set off of ebay which is going to cost me a few hundred which is why it would be nice if someone could through out their replaced cluster this way :)

Dave I was referring to the B5 to B6 gauges. The trial will be to try and put an LCD in place of the Dot screen of the B5. Once I get my hands on the B5 gauge set I'll pick up a B6 off of eBay and begin the comparisons. Since the gauges receive their information through the same manor it may only be the screen that's different.

Since LCD screens can be built with their own controller it may be as easy as adapting the screen from one type of plug to another. Not that I think anything is ever that easy.

I will how ever walk the path and see what I find. This may end up a viable solution for others in the future with a B6 to a B6 swap. It would be much cheaper to buy a used gauge set and swap the screen then to pay the huge cost of a dealer set with matching code.

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