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Let's move on to the next step: Color DIS

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I just saw a question on AudiWorld about the color DIS. Since retrofitting the RNS-E is no problem anymore and thanks to Proxus the XM question got answered too, the next logical step would be to get the color FIS. One reason is because the red FIS sometimes doesn't display street names properly. The other reason because it looks really nice.

On there are once in a while clusters with color FIS. But they are always with km/h instead of miles/h and they are in most cases missing the PIN to get it coded.

I tried to get an answer on the German boards but they always talk about replacing the whole cluster and recoding, but never about replacing only the little LCD in the middle.

Anybody here who played with this mod and tried to upgrade to the color DIS? Or is the only way to pay $700-800 and get a new one from a dealer?
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I'm intrigued by this screen ...

I've got the colour DIS, and I've never seen anything like this screen.

Is this something extra? Or maybe a "hidden" diagnostic screen?

Love to know more ....
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rosnik said:
The Upper pictures are from my A4 B6 Avant 2002 .
Thank you Stèph :)

I get same months ago the extended menu for trip computer.
It is controlled by the on dash selector.
rosnik - I've got a 2004 B6 S4 Avant, please tell me (all of us) how you got the extended menu on the trip computer.
Explain now please ....... 8)
David said:
I'll of course have to get a color gauge set off of ebay ...
I didn't realise the gauges are different too? Any pics?
NSX JR said:
Doesn't the B7 already have a color DIS?
Don't know about the US, but the colour DIS is still an option on some B7 models in the UK (and maybe other countries as well?).
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