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Latest dealer prices and sources

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I did some research and called few local dealerships. Seems that they increased prices and US units are selling for about $5K :shock:

Not more than a 2-3 weeks ago it was $3800 but one of the parts representative told me that they have a lot of phone calls and orders.
I guess demand is big so they want to make some extra money 8)

Audi wholesale shops like Clairparts have them on backorder for $2889 + tax. Waiting time is about 6 weeks.

there is another interesting thing...seems like all US units are coming from Germany anyway. I spoke with one guy and he told me that they are expecting shipment from Germany :shock:

This would explain some units on
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I called on Saturday and was quoted $3280.00 from the local dealer for the unit. Could it have changed that much over night, or are they really trying to make a profit on you?
It could depend on state....I was checking dealers in Chicago.
480-538-4000 for the Phoenix Audi dealership! :D
I knew it....Chicago always been city of mobsters [-(
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