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Lamborghini in startup screen???

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Updated a RNS-E with the 2005-2 EU DVD, start the EU unit and get this screen...Anyone ever seen this screen? How can I change this...?

start up screen
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What's the part number of your 2005_2 DVD? I bet it's the Lambo DVD and not the Audi part? And I suppose the only way to fix this is to insert the 2006 Euro DVD once it gets released (or the dealer CD with any sw update newer than 0360).
what is the part number on the unit??.. it seems like it must be one from here

Lamborghini Gallardo

are there any other differences??.. features, options??..

Hi, for sure it's the Audi 2005_2 DVD. I made the backup myself..Isn't it nice..So the firmware does also contain the Lambo settings...?

Haaggie said:
Hi, for sure it's the Audi 2005_2 DVD. I made the backup myself..Isn't it nice..So the firmware does also contain the Lambo settings...?
I thought the startup screen is part of the firmware (as it was with the RNS-D) but fritzner could be right and you got an Lambo RNS-E and the startup screen is in the hardware (or at least not part of the software stored on the map DVD). So what's the part number of that RNS-E?
part nr

I'm asking the owner to give me the details of the unit, he lives in germany, and he has definitely a Audi Unit. Before updating he got the MMI screen. Let us wait for his details!
that is weird that he saw the Audi screen, then updated with the Audi DVD and got the Lambo screen :?

i have seen units for Dodge/Jeep/Chysler change start-up screens when plugged into a different vehilce..
ie. i installed a Dodge RB4 into my brother-in-law's Jeep Grand Cherokee.. the 1st time we turned it on it showed the original Dodge start-up screen (as expected), then after the 1st power up it showed a Jeep start-up screen.. in this case the unit looked for vehicle info or received vehicle info from the J-1850 BUS..

but he has an Audi, so obviously that is not it..
It is my RNS-E. It is from ebay. It must be stolen, because outside it is labeled as 4BO (Audi A6 Unit), with VAGCOM it is an 8E (Audi A4) Unit. There where also some screws lose at the RNS-E frame.....

Any ideas how to change that picture? Maybe into a custom one?


I guess, I know why I have the Lamborghini sign. My RNS-E is coded as 0101215 ! And the 1 means Lamborghini. So when you upgrade, the RNS-E makes a Lamborghini upgrade. So it is the same DVD for all RNS-E, Audi and Lamborghini as well.
Or are there any other suggestions?

According to the 0101215 just means it's coded for an A2. Now, if the first number would be a 1, that would be something new.
I have access to ELSA (handbook for Audi garage). And there is written 1 as Lamborghini. (RNS-E in A6 allroad)

Mütze said:
My RNS-E is coded as 0101215 ! And the 1 means Lamborghini.
Do you mean 1001215, or 0101215?

For all Audi the first digit is shown as 0 - then 6 digits.

Perhaps if the first digit is 1 it means Lamborghini - followed by 6 digits?
part numbers

can't find this part numbers on ....
Radio Navigation System
Lamborghini Part Number 400 035 192 or 400 035 192A
I mean 0101215! the first number is a 0.
Can I put the software (dvd 2004 - 80) back on the RNS-E? If Yes, how?
Then I would try to set ist as Audi A3 (8P) and put the new Firmware (360) back on it.
This would be the proof for the 1 = Lamborghini.

I'm confused now. You say the part number you have printed on the case is 4B0 035 192x and VAG -COM says it's a 8E0 035 192x. So the first question I have would be what does the x stand for. The Lambo units are supposignly 400 035 192 and 400 035 192A, any chance that it is one of those?

Then you say it's coded 0101215 which is according to the coding for an Audi A2. If it is really coded for an A2 then it must be the hardware which makes it a Lambo unit.

But then you say that it showed the Audi MMI logo earlier before you did the update. What is the part number of the DVD you used to do the update, what is the software version now and what was the software version befofre the update?

There is no official way to go back to a 01xx version once you have updated to 03xx. Some say if you insert a 01xx DVD and save channel 0 to restore factory default, it will downgrade the software. I couldn't get this confirmed on my unit but it may work on yours. There is also some chance that you can trick the unit to see an update but in reality load an older version.
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Good news!!

I coded my RNS-E today as 0501215 and had my Audi MMI screen back (after reset). Then I tried to set it back to the Lamborghini (0101215) and it worked. I use 360 Software.


I changed the coding on my US RNS-E (f) to 01 and now I have a Lamborghini unit! :)
That would be nice to personalize the startup screen ;)
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