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I own a 2012 3.2FSI engine A4. These engines, together with other TFSIs have been reported to be subject to carbon build up that might cause a check engine light. The only way to fix this is to have the intake manifold, ports and cylinder head professionally cleaned. It is recommended that this is done every 20,000 miles. This I didn't know the first 3 times I went and paid for my car to be fixed with my local garage here in Burke, VA as I was lacking power and that check engine light was always on. After that, I decided to be smart about it so I got extended warranty coverage from a company namea Patriot Warranty, as recommended by the garage where I do my repairs. The issue is still there every other 20000 miles, but now I only pay my $45 deductible and Patriot Warranty covers the rest. Just as an advice for anyone having repetetive issues with their car, it might be time to take a look at extended warranties.
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