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Just want confirmation on Headunit installation for B6 A4

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Hi Folks,

I currently have a B6 A4 with symphony II headunit and have the thought of purchasing the RNS-E headunit. Does it matter if its bose or not? Is the installation plug and play? Is there alot of wiring? I am getting mixed reviews on whether its a 15min installation or a few hrs of installation.

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You should really read the RNS-E DVD Navigation Plus Quick Links, all your questions and more are answered there.

It takes about 15-30 minutes if you get the radio out and GPS installed without issues. My first install took me an hour but I have removed and reinstalled the RNS-E so many times by now that it barely takes more than 2 minutes to swap the units (leaves 13 minutes to install the GPS antenna and enter the code :lol: ). It doesn't matter if it's Bose or not (this is a VAG-COM setting) but you have to get the right adapter. It's plug and play in a B6, the only real wire is the one from the GPS antenna.
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