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Just talked to Navteq....

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They said the 2006 DVD was available for the A4.

I was tempted to order, but for some reason I couldn't believe it was actually released finally.

Anyone else have this information?
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Could be right, they said November the last time I called. Did you get a part number? Teh online order system still says version 1A which is the old one...
I didn't get a part number, but they confirmed the 2006 date on it. Their online order site it typically out of date.
sweet!!.. i guess i need to find time to call them to see if it is true..

thanks for the update.. i am sure there will be more info to come!!..
Let me know if you are able to verify the information. I will be ordering too then. :)
The dealer I ordered my Bluetooth module just called and said it had arrived and will be shipping today. It is tempting to order the disc too. Decisions, Decisions...

come tuesday we shall see if its the correct new version
Now the real question is does in have new software or just updated map data. and if it has new software what does it do when it finds a flashed EU->US unit?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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