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Just installed RNS *edited*

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I just installed my RNS-D and I'm having a few issues. A few notes:

I have not installed a TMC and my CAN H/L wires are not connected.
Maps are North America 2003.
I live in Austin, Tx

First issue is that only major highways are visible at any zoom range. Individual streets, stores, gas stations, etc are not showing up. I've selected those as options in the settings page:

The next issue is I'm unable to change the default keeps on saying I'm in Berlin.

When I try to enter the city in manually (Ausitn, Tx), here are the options I get:
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You can't link to Audiworld pictures from external sites.

I've searched extensively...but no luck.
What you can do is to link to your picture poster: From there poeple can see and open the pictures. Or you post them here in the album.
one of the other benefits from buying from a US broker, is that the Nav+ will be preconfigured, and tested for your particular car.

Good luck!
A few problems solved...

I "fixed" the problem with my destinations not showing up; apparently the southwest map doesn't include Texas...had to use South Central

The main issue that still exisits is that I'm not getting any street names. I don't have the Canbus wires hooked up yet (waiting on TMC).

Does not haveing the Can wires hooked up to the cluster cause this?

I have a 2001.4 A4, does it use ABS or Gala?

Are those signals carried via the Canbus or is it something different all together.

Thanks for the help!
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start with reading the owners manual. you can get to it via quicklinks or

fyi - RNS-D will not have street names come up in the you know. :)
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