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just installed RNS-E, problems...

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1. the unit resets itself from time to time. it freezes and restarts from time to time.
2. statics coming out of the speakers, while the unit is on and recognizes radio stations
3. after maybe 3 manual turning on and off, a screen full of japanese characters came on and won't shut down (manually and automatically like I mentioned above). I can read Chinese, and as you know Japanese uses some Chinese characters, so the unit is mentioning something like:- check the CD ROM (or something of that nature).

All of the wires were in place as I was following all of the instructions you can find on this forum. I made sure like 3 times.

I put the dvd in it and it gets worse. It wont eject it and freezes everytime i turn it on.

Could it be because it has NOT been vag-com'ed?

Maybe I am not giving enough info for you guys to diagnose the problem. Please point me in the right direction.

I need some help. Any help would be much appreciated.

I will be checking this post every 5 minutes.

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What part number did you get? Used or "like" new? If it's the RNS-E you can press Radio (or AM/FM) and SETUP together for 10 seconds to do a cold reboot. If have read once before about a unit which did similar and the reboot thing helped. Any picture form the screen which Japanese?

ok... i tried that but still the same...

i found out that the fader was all the way to the front... i moved the fader to the middle and ONLY rear speakers have audio out and the front speakers are still having staticy noise...

i removed the DVD and the SD cards and it does not freeze anymore...

but i would like to get both into their slots and have it not freeze up...

is it because of the firmware? it is an E unit...

would vag-com it solve the problem?
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The RNS-E should work with just 12V+ and GND connected and since it's just a little computer, anything outside the specs will cause all kinds of fancy effects.

If you have a 12V source I would remove the unit from the car and do a little bench test. Just connect the power and turn it on. It should stay on for about 20-30 minutes before it turns off because of missing signals on the CAN-BUS. You should be able to insert your SD car without freezing and switch to radio or navigation (the later getting an error without having the DVD inserted).

Since you said the fader was all the way to the front, did you get a used unit? In this case you may really need to check with VAG-COM first because all kinds of settings could be screwed up. A new unit would normally be coded at least for the car it's made for.

Next I would test the DVD. Do you use the original or a backup? Any chance that the DVD is broken and therefore causing the issue? Does it freeze when you insert an audio CD too? Do you have the GPS antenna connected? Does is work better/worse if the GPS is disconnected

Where did you get your adapter from? If you have a Bose system, did you check the Bose pin and pre-out wires? Are they all there? As mentioned somewhere else here on the forum, if the Bose pin is connected, the internal amp gets turned off causing the front speaker to not work anymore.

Good luck...
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from my limited experience i would say the rebooting has to do with the SD cards..

i havent isolated the exact problem yet, but some combination of mp3 files or card reader or card itself or my PC does not agree with my RNS-E.. sometimes when i insert it, the unit starts rebooting and once i saw a black screen with some yellow japanese writing..

othertimes the SD cards work flawlessly.. i think it is either my PC or card reader causing the corrupted files..

i am in the middle of some logical testing, i will report if i narrow down the source..

good luck..
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