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Just installed RNS-E...couple quick questions

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I recevied the RNS E today and got it a bit of a hurry right now but I'll do a little review later.

Couple of questions...

1. How do you change the Navigation voice to tell you in feet rather then yards? Right now it says "In 100 yards, turn right". Is there a way to do that? I already have it set for "miles".

2. Is there a way to set the unit-on volume like you could on the Symphony II? If I shut off the volume high, I want it to be at a low level the next time I turn the car that possible with the RNS E?

3. The third isnt really a question...but I noticed Im having a little bit of a hard time with the radio station memory. I stored a certain radio station, it showed that it was stored in location #2...then when I press the Radio button, its not on the list...what's going on with that?

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congratulations on your new RNS-E!!..

do you have a EU unit??..

-1- so far as i know, you are stuck with yards.. something to do with british english and american english..

-2- again so far as i've read there is no way to set the turn-on volume.. also you will find the Nav volume is completely independent of radio volume -- ie. the nav volume does not get louder as you turn up the radio..

-3- i have the same issue from time to time with the FM.. the RNS-E does not allow you to select a station in memory if the signal is weak.. you may be at the threshhold, some times it lets you select it, sometimes not..

though the RNS-E is a great system, you have hit on some of the annoyances i am surprised they have not 'fixed' yet..

another one you'll find is when on "MIX" (or shuffle), if you hit skip or back |< or >| "MIX" will turn off!?!?..
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Well crap!

The turn-on volume is what I was really hoping would still be an available feature, I'm so used to it from the Symphony II.

Another annoyance I found was that you can't control the Navigation voice volume on the least it doesnt seem you can. For example I was driving and my cell rang so I wanted to to turn the music I do, and of course it turned down...but then when the Nav voice came on and it was loud as all hell, I tried to turn it down by the volume knob but that only further turned the music down. :?
i thought you can adjust the nav volume with the volume know, but i think it is tricky.. i thought i found that it will only adjust the nav volume when it starts talking.. it is easy to miss and if you do you are screwed..

i will try mine out over the wknd..

with such a nice system, i am really surprise they made so many little simple "mistakes".. hopefully they will get them all sorted out in the future SW updates..
The fixed the mute issue in the Euro software 0330, don't know yet what has changed with the US software 0040. I didn't read anthing about the starup volume or nav volume issue but there is a now mute for the radio (single click on the volume button) and for the navi (double click on the volume button) in the Euro software. Still leave the MIX issue but we will see...
One other thing I noticed...and maybe someone can confirm if this is a EU unit only thing or not, but...

It does not show you the volume level on the display like the Symphony II unit did. The Symphony II went from 0 - 30, with 30 being the maximum you know about how loud you had the stereo. I might have found something...

In the manual for the US RNS-E, under volume control, it states the following:

Volume can be adjusted by turning the ON/OFF button. The volume setting will be stored automatically.

If the volume is too high when the radio is turned on, it will be reduced automatically to a level set by the factory. If the volume is too low when the radio is turned on, it will be increased automatically to a level set by the factory.

Now...this is for the US this feature not available with the EU version? Or maybe its something that can be set via VAG-COM?
Also, when the womans voice beings to talk to give navigation directions you are able to adjust her volume level, however it needs to be done while she is talking and not after. If you miss her just go to setup and volume it is easily performed there. Not sure if that is what you ment. Also my system automatically adjusts volume at start up so that it is not too loud.
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