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Sorry I don't know why it won't show the pictures. You can also see this on Audiworld at:

Hi, I just installed a Nav Plus RNS-E US in my S4. was a valuable resource for me in installing this so thanks guys.

Here are the parts:
1. RNS-E US nav unit & manual part# 8E0 035 192 E - $2901 / Clair parts 800-354-5100

2. US Nav DVD - $199 / Navteq 888-628-6277

3. RNS-E adapter cable - 57 euros:

4. diversity antenna adapter - 17 euros:

5. GPS extension cable - 16 euros:

6. Vagcom for programming the RNS-E. Here is a link to the details of programming the RNS:

1. RNS-E XM radio tuner (part#8E0 057 593E) - $450 / Clair Parts

2. SD cards for mp3's. I found no difference in speed between the high speed sd cards and regular speed sd cards. You can get them at CompUSA, etc.

The Install:
1. Find the connectors from the sharkfin gps antenna. Pull off the cover in the rear roof line. There are 2 connectors in the left (passenger) rear roof line. The pink one is for the GSM phone antenna and the blue one is for the nav gps antenna. Connect your extension cable(s) - gps nav and gsm telephone. Run the cables down the rear corner.

Pull the rear deck lid towards the front of the car to run the cables under the left rear deck lid.

Run the cables forward to the front deck and connect the gps cable to the Nav unit. Connect the RNS-E adapter cable to the Nav unit and the cables in the car. The yellow connector in the car is the diversity cable. Pull the purple clip in the yellow fakra connector and tease out the metal cable. Reconnect it to the diversity adapter. Plug the FM antenna cable to the other end of the diversity adapter then plug it to the nav unit.

Push the Nav unit back into place and you're done. Use the nav and program the unit (see above).

The advantages:
1. The sound system is MUCH better and the Symphony II piece of crap Bose system. Everything sounds better (FM radio, mp3's, CD's, XM radio). This alone may be worth the upgrade! I was thinking about changing speakers and adding an amp but now I don't have to.

2. The DVD nav is quicker to calculate than the Nav + cd based system. The nav unit has more info to display than the cd based nav. Still is not on par with the Acura nav system. The Acura system has voice commands and a touch screen. The RNS is still flipping through a dial to enter data. I find myself looking at the screen more than the road. Audi has to catch up with the Japanese nav systems.

If you have any questions, you can email me.

Here are some installed pictures:


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PaulThai said:
Sorry I don't know why it won't show the pictures. You can also see this on Audiworld at:
You can't use AudiWorld to host pictures, they are only accessible from pages on the AudiWorld servers.

Eccellent job and write-up. Good to see more people doing the impossible (according to Audi) :wink:
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