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Just bought an RNS-e Have i got the right one...?

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Just bough a RNS-E of ebay for my 2005 A3 Sportback UK, have i got the right unit for my car...?

Part Number: 8P0 035 192 A
Date: 0046/06/06/2005


8P0 919 884 C (2005-0100) Europe

Can the unit be powered up outside the car to check functionality, before i go out and buy al the dash parts from the dealer..?
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Yes you can power up your unit outside the car.
It's 12V

you need to wire 2 pins:

12 - Kl.31 (Primary Ground connection)
15 - Kl.30 (Constant 12V power)

regular computer power supply will do

those are part #s for EU A3 units
8P0 035 192 Audi A3 Europe (Basic), 8P
8P0 035 192 A Audi A3 Europe (Basic, MY 2006)
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Many thanks for your reply, will give it a go later.....
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