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Issue in NZ

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Hi. This is my 1st post. I did search with no luck and I do realize this is mainly for US unit's but I'll ask anyway.

Sorry about the long post.

I have a 2003 Audi RS6 here in New Zealand and I would like to purchase and install the RNS-E unit. I understand it will work fine with my Phatbox, but here is my problem:
There is NO map's that will work here in NZ. Sure, there are Incar Navigation systems here (for BMW, Honda, Holden and a few others and Navman) Audi cars are popular here but when you call the dealerships they have no clue what you are talking about when you mention Nav-Plus RNS-E (yes, you could say we are a little behind the times here)
Well I called the NZ mapping company that supplies the map's to ALL of the Sat Nav systems here (GeoSmart SmartNav) they said AUDI does not want to invest the 3-400K in doing this for the NZ market but VDO Dayton will have a system in about 3-4 months for Audi's in NZ.

Well, I don't want an aftermarket system for my RS6 and I love the OEM look of the Nav-plus. BMW does it, so how can I make the Nav-plus work with the Geosmart SmartNav maps for the Audi.

I know it's a longshot but thanks anyway.
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I'm afraid you are out of luck until Navteq produces maps for your are. The RNS-E with the current software will only use map DVDs from Navteq. Maybe one day either Navteq makes a map for NZ or Audi changes the provider to one which suppors your area.
Thanks for the reply. It was a stab in the dark. I guess my only alternative to keep the OEM look is to buy the Dayton VDO unit and AV in and use the programmable remote,
I just got of the phone with GeoSmart and they will have a system running that will work with the 2005 Audi OEM systems. I asked about the RSN-E and he said if it has an LVDS screen it should be OK.

Does it have an LVDS screen? Is it Blaupunkt?

Most likely it will be the A6/A8 MMI system, not the A3/A4 RNS-E. The RNS-E is made by Aisin, the A6/A8 navigation unit is made by Becker. AFAIK, Blaupunkt is not making any of the newer Audi Navigation units anymore. You should ask if it's for the A6/A8 or A3/A4. If it's for the A6/A8 it won't work, if it's for the A3/A4 there is a chance that you can retrofit the unit.
Thanks again. Yes, you are right, it will be for the MMI.

Oh well....eventually something will work.
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