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Is this RNS-E unit ok?

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Hey guys,
I just received my RNS-E today and upon opening it, I noticed that there's a piece broken off the back of it. Can you tell me if this is a big deal or not and what potential problems it could cause?

The unit was a bit more battered than I hoped, although the front looks very nice indeed.

Also, here's a pic of the components I received. Is this everything that I need for the install?

Sorry for the newbie questions and the fact that my images won't come in or link. Youll have to copy and paste. I'll try the install tomorrow and will report back then. Thanks!
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Don't worry about that broken piece. A lot of used units have it same way.
Those plugs are too close to each other so if you doen't use dual connector you need to push it hard (mostlikely brake it anyway).
It doesn't change usability in any way.

Looks like you got all parts ;)
You can't link to AudiWorld pictures but you can to the picture poster:

The broken.jpg shows a broken Fakra connector for the diversity antenna. usually happens when you press an SMB plug to strong onto the Fakra connector. You may be fine if you get a dual Fakra housing for your antenna since it's still hold by the main antenna which seems to be OK.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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