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Is there a quick-guide to NAV units and retrofits?

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I have a 2002 Avant that I am considering retrofitting a NAV unit into. I found this site thru Audi World but with a quick looks around I didnt see a clear list of things needed or the dif. between the US/EU units and the pros and cons of either.

Sorry if this is overposted topic... I'm a performance guy and have no idea when it comes to electrical stuff... I just "hope" it works.

TIA, Chris
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No A4 B6 quick quide so far. Some very good pictures here on how to get the RNS-E installed in an Allroad. If you have already the Symphony II, it's basically plug and play (you will not need to find the speed signal for example).

These are the main (known) differences:
US unit:
- works with US DVD (Navteq)
- supports North American regions to specify target address
- is supposed to work with XM/Sirius (to be confirmed)
- no details about TV/Video connectivity
- turns off with ignition
- expensive (US$2.7k-US$4k)

EU unit:
- works with US DVD (but DVD requires some modifications to be recognized)
- supports North American map through country/state selection
- different display of maps/roads (details to be confirmed)
- FM is fine, AM may not work with your prefered station, no AM stereo
- support for XM/Sirius is unknown so far
- allows to connect TV tuner ("C" version) or video source (via adapter cable)
- turns off when removing the ignition key
- resonable priced on (US$1.4k-US$2k)

Both units need a couple of adapter cables from one of the sources in Germany (or someone who figures out how to get the pins/plugs here in the US). If you already have a double-DIN Symphony II/Nav+ (CD) , the installation can be done in a couple of minutes. For the single-DIN Chorus/Concert II it's a little more work but still possible.

Good luck.
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great response AudiA4B6US, could elaborate on this one item??..

US unit:
- supports North American regions to specify target address

EU unit:
- supports North American map through country/state selection

Well, the US unit shows a map of North America (US, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii) and you can pick one of 7 regions before you enter the city, street or intersection. The EU unit has a field Country where you can choose from a list of US states and Canada. I think this is because in Europe each country has it's own map (and you have plenty of countries). In the US you just specify North East or South West and it will pick a number of states which are located there. While the EU unit is working fine with the patched US DVD, you somehow need to know where IL or TX or so is and then pick the right entry. Not a real issue but the US region map looks very nice. Maybe Proxus or Justin can post some pictures of their US unit.
thanks alot for clarifying.. doesnt sound too major..
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