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ipod - bluetooth

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I looked at the image that is available on the quick links thread, and it shows some kind of a Bluetooth setup for the iPod. Is that the preferred way of getting the signal to a new Nav+ installation? If so, is there any extra hardware involved.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me.
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That's the future :lol: Such a BT audio connector does not exist yet on the market, neither does a BT iPod. But with BT 2.0 devices will eventually show up (hope)...
AudiA4B6US said:
That's the future :lol: Such a BT audio connector does not exist yet on the market, neither does a BT iPod. But with BT 2.0 devices will eventually show up (hope)...
I did see a bluetooth transmitter for ipods at Best Buy though? Would that work, or is the signal proprietary and thus you would need that particular receiver.

It wasn't expensive at $60 if I recall correctly.
I think you are talking about this:

but there is no RNS-E interface provided by this company so it will work onlu with Dietz 1417 or any other device with RNS-E Audio input. In simply words it just a fancy FM modulator but instead of FM you are using Bluetooth.
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If you look close you will see big transmiter attached to the back of the iPod. Second part is connected to Audio inputs L/R.

[flash width=585 height=363 loop=false:6eb36a512a][/flash:6eb36a512a]
No, I understood that part, which is why I was saying that it would probably need the receiver as the signal would be proprietary or whatever. I didn't know if there was some kind of "raw" feed that it would output that you could get with some kind of blue tooth adapter for the RNS-E.

I know I probably sound stupid, but I am new to all of this.

BTW: Proxus, I sent you an inquiry and am waiting for a reply back...let's do business!!!!!!!!
yes, I've looked at that site before. The audio/receiver portion looks pretty bulky. Will probably take up some serious space if mounted/hidden inside the dash area.

At least with this setup, you get a better signal/audio quality with BT over an FM modulated.

However, they don't really make it easy to move it from car-to-car. So it's pretty much going to be hardwired into the car. At least with a Belkin FM transmitter for the ipod, you can move it around between cars pretty easy.
I will reply asap, sometimes it takes a day because I'm getting ton of emails ;)

back to the topic...there is only 4 ways of feeding RNS-E with audio signal:

- FM transmitter - questionable quality
- FM modulator - not bad but still not there
- via Dietz 1417 audio inputs - good quality / analog
- IceLink Plus with CDC-like interface - good quality / analog (sample below)

[flash width=500 height=400 loop=false:c3b8a32094][/flash:c3b8a32094]

I will be happy so see somone working on digital iPod interface for RNS-E (either wired of Bluetooth). This will be bulls eye when comes to iPod integration.
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I had the ICE:link installed, it worked great...

one problem...

It got rid of my satellite. I have the B7 bose this not an issue with he Nav+ system?

Also, I was reading that I would have to get another XM satellite this still true with the B7 Bose systems?
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