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iPod Adapter RNS E

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Hi, Is there any iPod adapter that will work with the RNS-E and still keep the XM. I have no factory changer and don't plan on one. I just want the iPod, XM, and eventually Bluetooth Phone. I looked at the ice unit, but it said it takes away the Xm. Help please, need my iPod back.
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if you dont "have to" control your iPod through you RNS-E [and maybe want to hook up external video source (ie. DVD player, xbox, etc) ]you could use a Dietz 1417..

i am using a Dietz 1417 for my iPod and a DVD player..

Dietz (or other) may make an "audio only" device that may be cheaper..

check with Lanny (BayrischerS4)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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