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2013 A5 2.0

My car starts fine 80% of the time

20% of the time, this is what happens

I click the start button, it cranks, but it does not fire up and start.
Then I push to start again, it cranks in very low RPM(400-500ish), and it seems to chug for a few seconds and then will fire up. When the issue occurs, sometimes it will crank and not start, other times it will crank, chug for a few seconds, then start. But this only occurs intermittently (about 15-20% of the time) the other 80-85% of the time it starts just fine.

Funny thing is, once I get my car started for few seconds, and turn off , then re-start rightaway, car seems to start perfectly everytime.

This problem seems to happen only when Engine is off for about an hour, and try to start the car, still close to operating temp. Only occurred one time when it was a “cold” engine.
I have found another thread on a different forum from someone having the exact same issue but the thread dead ended with no results or answers posted.
Also, I checked the Fuel Rail Pressure with my VagCom and it is within spec (580psi @idle/ up to 1,100+psi on throttle).
Car is not throwing any codes whatsoever.
Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated!
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