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Instrument cluster VAG Code??

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I am a little confused about what value to use to activate the DIS to show nav data. I understand that I need to use STG 17, function 10, Channel 62.

This is where I get confused - I was told to enter a value of 5, but I can't seem to confirm that on any of the other sources.

All guidance welcomed. Oh, this is for an RNS-E retrofit into a 2003 RS6.


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To enable the navi mode you have to add in most Audis +4 to the original value. In most cases the original value should be 1 (for radio) or 17 (for radio plus the cluster itself) which makes the final value 5 or 21. is one of the best sources for coding questions. Unfortunately do even the German pages not list in detail which options are possible for the A6/S6/RS6 (4B). But most of the 4B owners here added +4 to enable navigation.
In my A4 B6 I had ot code it to 5. Also make sure that compass is not turned on. If its on it will always show in your display. Mine had an E in it, which i thoguht was error, but it was really that i was facing
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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