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I purchased a "J" US version of the RNS-E and removed the chrome strip at the bottom and trimed the strip off that the chome strip fastened to. Then rounded off the upper two corners and it fits perfectly.

Radio works, Navigation Works, CD changer does not work, directions stated to ground #10 wire but if I look at the #IV connector (red) on the car side there is no pin or wire in the # 10 location. Anyone who might help with this would be great.

Second Question, the steering wheel controls for volume and such don't work...I read in the directions for A6 installation that you need to replace a control relay MFSW relay #618 to make it CAN compliant and then recode with Vag-Com - Is this correct?

The clock is dead on, in fact, when I plugged it in the for the first time everything worked but I still reprogramed it for an early A6 configuration and programed it to take the Gala signal "8" vs. "45".

Any help in resolving the above deficencies would be deeply appreciated. If anyone knows for sure if I need to add the MFSW relay for the steering wheel control functions that would be really helpful.

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