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Install question - need help

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Hey all,

I'm terribly sorry to post a new thread on such a simplistic topic, but I'm stuck at square one. I'm in the process, or at least trying to get in the process, of installing a RNS-E (Euro) into a 2004 A4 Cab w/Bose. I've printed the very helpful guides posted by Justin, though my radio removal keys don't seem to be working. No matter how hard I push them, they're not catching. They will all go all the way back against the unit, though when I try to remove the unit, two of the keys just keep coming back out. Is it possible that I have bad keys? Any suggestions...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Have a great weekend!

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What happens a lot is this: There is a little bit of play between the retaining tabs and the top or bottom (outside of the unit) so they keys actually slip off the top or bottom. The only solution that I have found to this; is that two people need to work in unison to remove the unit.
What might have to be done is that as the keys are inserted and if you don't feel them clicking into place is, for the upper - give a slight lift on the finger held portion until you feel it click but keeping lifting slightly (not too much or you'll bend the keys). For the lower portion do the same thing except push downwards slightly and keep this light pressure until the keys click. While keeping pressure applied start pulling the unit out.
I have seen a number of different keys that have just enough flex in them to cause this problem.

Hope it helps and works.
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