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Install question - need help

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Hey all,

I'm terribly sorry to post a new thread on such a simplistic topic, but I'm stuck at square one. I'm in the process, or at least trying to get in the process, of installing a RNS-E (Euro) into a 2004 A4 Cab w/Bose. I've printed the very helpful guides posted by Justin, though my radio removal keys don't seem to be working. No matter how hard I push them, they're not catching. They will all go all the way back against the unit, though when I try to remove the unit, two of the keys just keep coming back out. Is it possible that I have bad keys? Any suggestions...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Have a great weekend!

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Hey! Thanks so much for the quick reply! Unfortunately, even after enlisting the help of my father, no matter what we try, no dice. Two of the keys are not engaging whatever catch they're supposed to...uh, well catch I guess. At this point, I'm afraid of damaging the unit by potentially pulling too hard and either breaking the key or stripping the latch.

Unfortunately it's too late to do so tonight, but tomorrow I'll try to see if my car audio guy will take on the job. He's done great custom work in the Porsche, so hopefully he won't have too much trouble figuring the RNS-E out. Ah well...nothing ever works out quite to plan, does it?

Thanks for your help, though...I really do appreciate it! Have a great weekend!

"Bad springs"


As for the key alignments, that crossed my mind. The two that have locked, I'm 99.9% sure that I put those in correctly. The two that are readily removable I've checked on and are going in properly.

My local dealership isn't exactly the most pleasant group of individuals to deal with. I did speak with them just a few moments ago, and according to a service technician, I'm likely the victim of bad spring(s) that require the removal of the dash panels in order to remove the HU. Then again, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he was just blowing me off. Grrrreat....

Is this a problem that others have encountered before? Is there any trick that might allow me to force the HU out without pulling the panels? I'm increasingly tempted to just drop everything off with my audio guy and have him go to only concern is now I'm driving around with two radio removal keys locked into my radio until this can be resolved in some manner.

Thanks for everyone's time...take care!

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Sooo...interesting turn of events. I went up to my local audio shop only to learn that my normal tech has moved on to bigger and better things (i.e. CA). Him aside, I've never had great faith in this place. Their "Audi specialist" said that he would be able to pop it out with about an hour of work. This is where I become very, very nervous about my recent RNS-E purchase...

...he then told me to send back the RNS-E, swearing on a stack of Bibles that my Euro unit will never work in my U.S. car. Apparently he had recently attempted to retrofit an RS6 (year unknown to me) with a Euro-version A6 RNS-E to no avail, and the RS6 owner too had been confident of the compatibilty. According to this tech, "the GPS systems work completely differently over there and will never mesh with a U.S. model's software. Plus, that your car is Bose equipped only guarantees that it'll never work. Send it back. Just send the damn thing back."

Now, I'm incredibly nervous and thinking that I've just blown a $1500 investment. Someone please assure me that I didn't royally screw up...well, assuming I haven't, that is.

Here's the recap:

2004 A4 (B6) Cabriolet w/ Bose Symphony II & 6-disc in dash changer.
RNS-E Part #8E0 035 192 C
I have the FAKRA adapter w/ diversity and the RNS-E adapter w/Bose, w/o Telephone & w/o Changer (I don't plan to reinstall the factory unit at a later time)

The very kind gentleman who sold me the unit also included a pre-modified DVD map for the U.S. & Canada and a GPS antenna.

My question to you fine folks is: will this work? I apologize for such a moronic question - tech is by no means my strong suit.

I can't thank everyone enough for their patience and time...I'm going to feel much better knowing from the experts either that this thing will eventually work, or selling it confidently knowing that I can't make it work with my platform but someone else may.

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend! Thanks again!

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Thank you so much! I figured it should work, I just needed to hear it from someone with experience under their belt. I was planning to run up to Audi on Monday and do exactly as you suggested, so now I will definitely be doing that and proceeding with the install Monday evening hopefully.

Anxiety gone...excitement back. :D

Thanks so much again. If you're ever around Pittsburgh or Carlisle, PA drop me a line and I'll buy ya a beer!

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