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Install question - need help

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Hey all,

I'm terribly sorry to post a new thread on such a simplistic topic, but I'm stuck at square one. I'm in the process, or at least trying to get in the process, of installing a RNS-E (Euro) into a 2004 A4 Cab w/Bose. I've printed the very helpful guides posted by Justin, though my radio removal keys don't seem to be working. No matter how hard I push them, they're not catching. They will all go all the way back against the unit, though when I try to remove the unit, two of the keys just keep coming back out. Is it possible that I have bad keys? Any suggestions...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Have a great weekend!

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i am from the pittsburgh area (now i live in so cali)

yes the EU unit will definitely work in the US with a modified DVD.. there are a few issues detailed several place on this forum including in the helpful links.. i have had an EU unit in my '02 A4 for 3-4 months now..

after you put the 4 keys in the symphony II, you can put your fingers under the faceplate (under the chrome trim) and your thumbs in cassette deck and wiggle the unit loose.. WARNING :: you could damage your faceplate if you really go crazy, but this is how i got mine out too..

while we are on the topic, when you do get it out and go to install the RNS-E, you might want to only slide it in 98% of the way until you verify everything works correctly.. infact, mine is still not clicked in after ~4months and i have no issues..

good luck..
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